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If you cannot find the particular product your looking for please call 515-961-5699, or email (advantagecycle@aol.com) anytime, we are adding products daily, but offer literally 1000's more that haven't made it to the site yet.

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 Dynojet Jet Kit - Moose/Dyno-Jet Jet Kit, includes everything needed to re-jet after pipe/airbox modifications.... view » Our Price:
 DynoJet Power Commander USB/PCV - USB (Universal Serial Bus) port provides an instant, problem-free way to connect your Power Commander to a computer Pro... view » Normal Price:
Our Price:
 FCR Adjustable Fuel Screw - Design makes the under-the-float-bowl fuel screw easier to turn --- no tools necessary Fits Keihin pumper carburetors (... view » Normal Price:
Our Price:
 Keihin Leak Jets - Leak jets for use in FCR pumper carbs. These will change the amount of fuel delivered with each stroke of the pump. Th... view » Our Price:
 Keihin Main Jets - Keihin #13 series mains. These fit a wide variety of Keihin carbs, including the FCR series.... view » Our Price:
 Keihin Pilot Jet - Keihin Pilot Jet for FCR carbs, #21 style... view » Our Price:
 LTZ400 Adjustable Fuel Screw - This is an adjustable fuel mixture fuel screw for the LTZ400 or the DRZ400. It replaces the stock one, so no tools are ... view » Our Price:
 Mikuni Choke Knob/Plunger - This is a choke knob conversion for the BSR carbs. Simply remove all the stock cable/lever components, and screw this i... view » Our Price:
 Mikuni Pilot Jet - Mikuni Pilot Jet, VM28 for RS and HS carbs including BSR's on LTZ400's, Predator 500's... view » Our Price:
 Pro Design Pro Flow Air Filter System - Replaces the restrictive stock air filter and adapter Flow-bench-designed venturi adapter and larger air filter greatly... view » Our Price:
 Quickshot Accelerator Pump Cover for Keihin FCR Carbs - Features a patent-pending design that eliminates hesitation and bog on bikes and ATV's Provides instant response to thr... view » Our Price:
 Uni Air Filters - Unsurpassed in airflow, stopping dirt and overall performance Two-stage air filters come apart for maximum airflow and... view » Our Price:
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